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Cases of alcohol industry misconduct from around the world exposing the predatory practices.

A library of all the unethical methods of Big Alcohol – aggressive lobbying, unethical marketing, sabotaging of rules and institutions and much more, all in one place.

Carlsberg, Heineken

Top Carlsberg Executives Arrested as Big Alcohol’s Partnership With Russia Backfires

Carlsberg’s reluctance to withdraw their support of Russia has backfired on their own company. According to media reports from the ...

Carlsberg, Heineken

Exposed: Beer Giants Keep Funding Myanmar Military Junta

Alcohol industry giantsare funding Myanmar Junta’s atrocities through taxes, accordig to new revelations. Justice For Myanmar has exposed ...


Carlsberg Exposed: Beer Giant Participates in Oppression of Uyghurs

The Danish beer giant Carlsberg has been exposed for participating in the oppression of the Muslim minority in China. Carlsberg owns a ...

Carlsberg, Heineken

Cambodia: New Alcohol Law, Including Minimum Legal Age Limit, in the Making

The Cambodian government is discussing a draft alcohol law that includes a minimum legal age limit for alcohol use. For years Big Alcohol ...

AB InBev, Carlsberg, Heineken

Carlsberg, Heineken, AB InBev Slow To Exit Russia Fearing Profit Losses

Big Alcohol giants Carlsberg and Heineken both announced in early April that they will exit Russia. Recently, AB InBev also announced plans ...

Carlsberg, Heineken, Kirin

People in Myanmar Boycott Alcohol Giant Kirin Over Ties to Military Junta

The people of Myanmar have been boycotting Myanmar Beer over its support for the military regime. Myanmar Beer is made by Myanmar Brewery ...

Carlsberg, Heineken

Big Alcohol Companies Finally Exit Russia, Long After Most Other Multinationals

Finally, Big Alcohol companies Carlsberg and Heineken have announced plans to exit Russia. The decisions come long after many other ...

AB InBev, Carlsberg, Heineken

Big Alcohol’s Actions in Russia After Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Many multinational corporations are leaving Russia in a mass exodus after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The Washington Post reports ...

Carlsberg, Heineken, Kirin

++ Update: Carlsberg Maintains ‘Business As Usual’ in Russia ++ Why Beer Giant Carlsberg Stays Tied to Putin’s Regime As Other Multinationals Exit

++ Carlsberg maintains business as usual in Russia, as many other multinational corporations cut to ties to Putin’s regime ++ ++ ...

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