Top Carlsberg Executives Arrested as Big Alcohol’s Partnership With Russia Backfires

Posted on January 08, 2024 in Carlsberg, Carlsberg, Sabotage, Europe, Europe

Carlsberg’s reluctance to withdraw their support of Russia has backfired on their own company. According to media reports from the Kremlin, fraudulent activities during the government takeover of the business has led to the arrest of the CEO and Vice President of Carlsberg’s Russian business. Denis Sherstennikov and Anton Rogachevsky were arrested over allegations of fraudulent retention of Baltika Breweries’ intellectual properties. The Danish company was in the process of selling off its Russian operations when the authorities seized the business. President Putin signed the directive to seize the business as part of its actions against ‘unfriendly’ countries.
Now that the Kremlin’s oppressive actions are oppressing the business, Carlsberg has been vocal in their condemnation of the government’s unethical practices.

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