++ Update: Carlsberg Maintains ‘Business As Usual’ in Russia ++ Why Beer Giant Carlsberg Stays Tied to Putin’s Regime As Other Multinationals Exit

Posted on March 01, 2022 in Carlsberg, Carlsberg, Carlsberg, Denmark, Denmark, Denmark, Denmark

++ Carlsberg maintains business as usual in Russia, as many other multinational corporations cut to ties to Putin’s regime ++
++ Whistleblower reveals Carlsberg plan to use CSR donations for image white-washing ++
Western countries are placing sanctions on Putin’s regime in opposition to Putin’s war on Ukraine. Meanwhile, major multinational companies are cutting their ties to Putin, quitting operations in Russia. Notably, Big Oil companies BP and Shell have both announced they are ending operations in Russia.
However, beer giant Carlsberg is staying tied to Putin’s war machine in contrast to actions taken by many other companies.
Why is Carlsberg staying in Russia?

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