Carlsberg, Heineken, AB InBev Slow To Exit Russia Fearing Profit Losses

Posted May 03 2022 AB InBev, Alcohol Harm, Availability, Big Alcohol, BigAlcoholExposed, Carlsberg, CDoH, Conflict Of Interest, CSR, Evidence, Heineken, Russia's War

Big Alcohol giants Carlsberg and Heineken both announced in early April that they will exit Russia. Recently, AB InBev also announced plans to exit Russia.
However, the transition period out of Russia is slow for all three alcohol conglomerates. Carlsberg has announced it will take up to a year to finally quit Russia. During this time Carlsberg and Heineken will still be continuing business in Russia under “reduced operations” conditions.
Meanwhile, all three companies continue whitewashing their brand image to distract the international community from their ongoing businesses in Russia in a bid to avoid criticism and threats of boycott.

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