Case library

Cases of alcohol industry misconduct from around the world exposing the predatory practices.

A library of all the unethical methods of Big Alcohol – aggressive lobbying, unethical marketing, sabotaging of rules and institutions and much more, all in one place.

AB InBev

Civil Society Organization partners with Bavaria

Civil society organisation collaborating with the alcohol brand “Bavaria” to offer capacity building in promoting responsible ...

How Communities Can Advance Cancer Prevention Through Awareness and Policy Action on Alcohol

For this podcast conversation we have invited four guests, Nason Maani, Blanca Lorente, Emil Juslin, and Juliet Namukasa, to discuss how ...

Most Read News, Science and Blogs on the Alcohol Issues News Center in 2023

In 2023, Movendi International published more than 400 stories on our Alcohol Issues News Center: Alcohol policy news, science digests, ...

Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia

Promotion – giving away shots of liquor in the street

Description: A post on Instagram. The person in the video says “December has arrived and since every day in December is Friday, we ...

AB InBev

Beer Giant Exposed: AB InBev’s ESG Agenda Aims to Rebuild Brand Image 

Beer giant AB InBev’s Environment, Social and Governance Agenda (ESG) report for the year 2021 reflects that AB InBev has taken ...

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