Exposed: Alcohol Companies Among Instagram’s Fastest Growing Brands

Posted February 23 2023 Alcohol Harm, alcohol marketing, Alcohol Policy, Bacardi, Big Alcohol, BigAlcoholExposed, Diageo, Evidence, Instagram, LVMH, News, Social Media

Social media has become one of the most popular platforms in alcohol marketing, reaching a large group of people, often minors and young people, all over the world. A recent study by YesMore has revealed that several Big Alcohol companies are among Instagram’s fastest growing brands. Use of partnerships, advanced, travel-themed giveaways and consistent posting were the most prominently used strategies for rapid growth by the identified alcohol brands.
Driving youth and underage alcohol use, earlier alcohol initiation and high-risk alcohol use are some of the key issues linked with alcohol industry efforts to promote their products through social media. Bans or comprehensive restrictions on alcohol advertising, sponsorship, and promotion are key solutions to prevent alcohol harm.

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