Big Alcohol Bets Big on Metaverse to Push Alcohol Availability

Posted May 03 2022 Absolut, alcohol marketing, Alcohol Policy, Availability, Big Alcohol, BigAlcoholExposed, Digital Marketing, Heineken, Metaverse, News, On-Demand Alcohol Delivery, Online Alcohol Retail, Pernod Ricard, Sponsorship, Three-Tier System, Virtual Reality

Big Alcohol is rapidly expanding into the metaverse to increase alcohol availability and drive consumption for more profit. The alcohol industry has already started with virtual liquor stores, NFT product sales, sponsorship, and marketing of virtual events.
Existing alcohol policy systems are not equipped to handle this rapid expansion of the alcohol industry in the metaverse. There are many loopholes in current alcohol laws which can be exploited by the alcohol industry for profit maximization.

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