Communities from Around the World Call on Netflix to Exclude Alcohol Ads 

Posted October 21 2022 Alcohol Harm, alcohol marketing, Alcohol Policy, BigAlcoholExposed, Digital Marketing, Evidence, Netflix, News, Public Health, Sober Curious

In November, Netflix will start rolling out its new and cheaper ad-supported package “basic with ads” for $6.99, per month. Netflix has decided to exclude certain advertisements, such as gambling ads from this new ad plan.

A group of over 50 signatories representing communities from around the world has sent a letter to the Chairman of Netflix calling on the streaming service to extend the exclusion of advertising to alcohol ads in the new tier.

In addition to not promoting a harmful product that kills 3 million people globally, excluding alcohol ads from Netflix would also make the platform more relatable to people, specifically young people by respecting their values of health, justice, and sustainability.

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