Dom Pérignon – Diageo venture fined in France for celebrity alcohol promotions

Posted on April 16, 2024 in Diageo, Deception, France

A Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and Diageo joint venture has been fined in France for a celebrity-driven alcohol marketing campaigns featuring international superstar Lady Gaga. The partnership, accompanied by extensive marketing campaign, has led to sanctions against both the artist and the drinks conglomerate.

This incident sheds light on the pervasive tactics employed by the alcohol industry to promote its products, regardless of the consequences. From celebrity endorsements to strategic partnerships, alcohol companies spare no effort in marketing their brands to consumers.

The use of celebrities as brand ambassadors is just one example of the tactics employed by the alcohol industry to appeal to consumers. These partnerships not only enhance brand visibility but also create associations between alcohol and desirable lifestyles, fuel the normalization of alcohol and undermine to effective policies to prevent harms caused by alcohol.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Lady Gaga and Dom Pérignon underscores the industry’s willingness to push the boundaries of advertising regulations, disregarding the potential impact on public health. Despite existing laws aimed at curbing alcohol promotions targeted at youth, companies continue to find loopholes and exploit them to reach their target demographic.

Restricting exposure to marketing of alcoholic beverages through a complete comprehensive advertising bans presents a cost-effective intervention to reduce alcohol harm.

  • Brand: Dom Pérignon
  • Company: Diageo
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