Denormalising Alcohol Industry Activities in Schools

Posted on February 01, 2023 in Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa

Children’s education and lives should be protected from the harmful influence of commercial interests. Yet the global alcohol industry is actively engaged in the provision of youth education about underage alcohol use. Previous research has revealed the concerning nature of these types of programmes, which echo industry narratives and sometimes distort the risk of harm.
As Ireland provides the first example of comprehensive community push-back, with ensuing guidance from the government to all schools, this scientific comment explores markers of industry-favoured youth education programmes, as well as advise on how to critique industry funded or promoted youth education programmes.

Alcohol Harm, BigAlcoholExposed, Conflict Of Interest, Corporate Literacy, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Drinkaware, Evidence, Public Health, School, School-Based Prevention, Science
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