Unveiling the contradictions: Carlsberg’s Collaboration with WaterAid in India

Posted on December 29, 2023 in Carlsberg, Manipulation, IN, IN

Carlsberg Group and Carlsberg India are starting a collaboration with WaterAid to supposedly help preserve and protect the water in the Muysuru district of South India.

However, the production of alcohol poses a significant challenge to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the environmental dimension of Agenda 2030, particularly SDGs 6, 13, and 15.

Major alcohol corporations, including Carlsberg, contribute to the depletion of groundwater for beer production, posing a direct threat to SDG 6 focused on clean water and sanitation, and encroaching upon the human right to a healthy environment.

There is clear conflict of interest and it can be seen an attempt by Carlsberg to improve its public image without substantial commitment to sustainable water practices, focusing more on the company’s interests rather than the needs of local communities.

  • Company: Carlsberg

Website: https://www.wateraid.org/se/blog/carlsberg-och-wateraid-inleder-samarbete-for-att-bekampa-vattenbrist-i-sodra-indien

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