Manipulation is Big Alcohol’s activity to control its image. The alcohol industry engages in manipulation activities to protect and cultivate their image and the values of their brands. Deploying manipulation strategies serves for Big Alcohol to appear as “good corporate citizens”. The focus of the DUBIOUS FIVE strategy of manipulation is the alcohol company, their brands and value. Examples are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), green-washing, pink-washing, rainbow-washing, or white-washing activities.

Latest cases of Manipulation


Unveiling the self-regulation in Australia: ABAC’s quarterly Report on Alcohol Advertising

The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) has launched their Quarterly Report in which emphasise the importance of proactively ...

Spirits Spain

Alcohol Industry targets children with “education programs” in Spain

The Spanish Federation of Spirits are targeting school children with “education programs” that contribute to normalising ...

German Wine Lobby Exposed: Political Interference, Deception, and Harmful Claims

Who is Big Wine in Germany and what are they up to? Lobbypedia has released a report about the German wine lobby, exposing how the wine ...

AB InBev

Exposing Greenwashing in the Alcohol Industry: Cerveza Corona’s Bottle Return Campaign

Alcohol industry companies engage in manipulation activities to protect and cultivate its image and brand value, deploying manipulation ...

Pernod Ricard

Unveiling greenwashing: Absolut Vodka’s paper bottle initiative and sustainability challenges in the alcohol industry

Absolut Vodka has recently announced its plan to switch from glass to paper bottles. As part of a pilot project, the brand has announced ...


Driving under the influence of alcohol campaign during Super Bowl week

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and distributor Diageo North America have launched a campaign against driving under the influence of ...

AB InBev

Civil Society Organization partners with Bavaria

Civil society organisation collaborating with the alcohol brand “Bavaria” to offer capacity building in promoting so called ...

BJM Vodka

The Misuse of Borjomi’s Name

The mineral water brand, Borjomi, known for its healing properties sourced from Georgia’s Borjomi Valley, faces a concerning dilemma ...

Spirits Spain

Collaboration Concerns: Córdoba City Council and Spirits Spain tackle alcohol prevention

City Council of Córdoba has signed a collaboration agreement with Spirits Spain to “prevent alcohol consumption in minors and ...

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