Reviewing the Evidence and Dispelling the Myths about Alcohol (and other Health) Taxes

Posted on October 10, 2023 in Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa

This article presents current evidence on taxation as a proven tool to discourage the consumption of harmful products (tobacco, alcohol, and SSB) and thereby improve population health.
The study discusses the economic rationale for taxing these products and documents the health effects and costs to society. It presents evidence on the effectiveness of taxation in raising prices and reducing consumption, along with showing how considering health benefits and indirect financial effects, taxation disproportionately benefits poorer households.
The study also considers the role of industries in opposing taxation. The article differs from previous reviews in its scope (covering all three products) and in its comprehensiveness (in addressing the arguments for and against health taxes, including those arguments used by the industry).

Affordability, Alcohol Harm, Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Taxation, BigAlcoholExposed, Evidence, Science
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