ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 attracts surrogate advertising from alcohol brands

Posted on October 14, 2023 in Diageo, Diageo, Deception, IN, IN


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 has attracted sponsorship from major alcohol beverage brands, including Bira91, Royal Stag, Jacob’s Creek, Pernod Ricard India, Kingfisher, Black & White, and Diageo.

These brands are using surrogate advertising tactics, presenting non-alcoholic products in alcohol-like packaging, to promote their alcoholic beverages subtly. The advertising includes immersive AI-led fan experiences and strategic placement of brand messages during live streaming.

Despite a ban on liquor advertising since 1995, alcohol brands persist in using surrogate advertising channels in India.

  • Brand: Royal Stag, Bira 91, Jacob’s Creek
  • Company: Pernod Ricard, Diageo

Website: https://www.afaqs.com/news/advertising/icc-cricket-world-cup-2023-attracts-surrogate-advertising-from-alcohol-brands

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