Case Study of How Woolworths Tried to Build an Alcohol Megastore in the Center of Aboriginal Communities

Posted on June 11, 2023 in Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific

This case study of a proposed alcohol megastore in Darwin is, the first analysis of the impacts of corporate activities on Aboriginal health and wellbeing in Australia using a CDoH framework.
This study is a trailblazing attempt to analyze the impacts of the structures and practices of the alcohol industry on health inequity for Aboriginal people.
The case of the Woolworths proposal to build a Dan Murphy’s alcohol megastore in the NT is a prime example of the commercial determinants of Indigenous health (CDoIH). It involves a powerful commercial entity implementing activities designed to increase profits that are likely to have a negative impact on Aboriginal health and wellbeing through increased alcohol-related harm.
The fact that Woolworths’ plan was abandoned following a long advocacy campaign led by local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations, provides an important opportunity to understand how community advocacy can overcome powerful commercial interests when it comes to protecting Aboriginal health.

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