Alcohol Industry’s misleading campaigns with celebrities – Diageo and K-Pop star SUHO

Posted on March 04, 2024 in Diageo, Promotion, South Korea

SUHO, a South Korean singer-song writer and actor with an extensive fan base of millions, particularly among the youth, has partnered with Diageo to promote responsible drinking across the Asia Pacific region. In a world where social media influencers hold considerable sway over their followers, the partnership between Diageo and global K-Pop star SUHO raises significant concerns.

The collaboration between SUHO and the alcohol industry perpetuates this cycle of normalisation and ambiguity when it comes to alcohol. The alcohol industry capitalizes on this by investing billions to ensure their message reaches children, youth, and adults through various channels, including celebrity endorsements. By associating alcohol with a celebrity figure, the industry seeks to blur the lines and propagate myths to keep people in the dark to the fact their product is harmful and one of the leading cause of cancer.

The term “responsible drinking” serves as a prime example of the industry’s deceptive tactics. This ambiguity leaves consumers vulnerable to misinformation propagated by Big Alcohol to maintain their market dominance.

The absence of comprehensive policies and regulations on alcohol advertising and promotion exacerbates public health risks. Exposure to industry tactics, including celebrity endorsements and glamorous portrayals of drinking lifestyles, significantly influences societal attitudes and behaviors toward alcohol, particularly among youth.


  • Company: Diageo
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