Week #47 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Posted November 19 2019 3 Best Buys, Advocacy, Affordability, Agenda2030, Alcohol Free Environment, Alcohol Harm, Alcohol Industry Lobbyism, alcohol marketing, Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Taxation, BigAlcoholExposed, Economic Costs, European Union, Event, Evidence, GAPC, GAPC 2020, IOGT, NCDs, News, Report, Road Safety, SDGs, summerLEAHP, WHO

The Week #47 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains alcohol policy updates about Finland and alcohol harm in workplaces, South Korea and new alcohol marketing regulation, Wales and the scheduled introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing, Ireland and new alcohol advertising bans, and latest initiatives to research health promotion taxation. Fresh science updates are about: New data on alcohol use and harm in OECD countries, a compelling analysis of the costs of alcohol in Sweden, analysis of the burden of “deaths of despair” in the United States, as well as an exploration of the impact of parental alcohol use on children. The Big Alcohol monitor exposes: Diageo’s strategy for market domination in India, why Big Alcohol opposes road safety measures in India, why a major Dutch bank has completely divested from the alcohol industry, and that Big Alcohol belongs to the top plastic polluters in the world. On our Global Voices Blog Portal, Kalle writes about new EU rules and what they mean for alcohol retail monopolies in Scandinavia. And in Upcoming events we alert you about GAPC 2020, and summerLEAHP 2020…

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