The Misuse of Borjomi’s Name

Posted on February 07, 2024 in BJM Vodka, Manipulation, GE, GE

The mineral water brand, Borjomi, known for its healing properties sourced from Georgia’s Borjomi Valley, faces a concerning dilemma as vodka producers now leverage the Borjomi name.

By linking the Borjomi name with vodka, consumers may be misled into believing that vodka offers similar health benefits to Borjomi water. This misrepresentation can lead to confusion and undermines the positive image and association of Borjomi with health and wellness.

This exploitation underscores a significant gap in alcohol regulations and emphasizes the urgent need for robust regulations. Allowing brands to exploit established names with impunity not only threatens public health but also undermines the integrity of cherished symbols like Borjomi.

  • Brand: BJM Vodka 
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