S2 E2: Alcohol Policy and the WHO: What Happened at the Recent Executive Board Meeting

Posted February 03 2022 Alcohol Industry Lobbyism, Alcohol Issues, Alcohol Policy, BigAlcoholExposed, Conflict Of Interest, FENSA, IOGT-NTO Movement, Movendi, Podcast, WHO, WHO Global Alcohol Strategy

More than 100 countries were represented by 27 statements made during the debate about the WHO draft global alcohol action plan at the Executive Board Meeting.
Following the discussion, the Executive Board decided unanimously to adopt the global alcohol action plan and recommend final approval at the World Health Assembly later this year.
This decision underlines that alcohol harm is a public health priority and that accelerated alcohol policy action has strong support from WHO Member States.
Guest host Pierre Andersson talks with Movendi International’s expert Maik Dünnbier about a number of topics and questions:
How did we get here? What’s good and bad about the action plan? What were the key issues during the debate? And what happens next?

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