Delta Beverages’ US$3 million sponsorship deal: spotlight on alcohol industry’s exploitation of football in Zimbabwe

Posted on February 22, 2024 in Delta Beverages, Promotion, Zimbabwe


Football enthusiasts in Zimbabwe are set to witness another wave of sponsorship in the premier league as Delta Beverages, a local brewer, announced a substantial US$3 million sponsorship deal. This move marks a continuation of the trend where the alcohol industry uses the sponsoring of sports activities in the country, particularly football, to promote their harmful products.

This sponsorship trend has seen football teams adorned with brand logos and promotions that extend across the nation. The recent unveiling of the US$3 million sponsorship deal by Delta Beverages ensures an additional two years of the premier league adorned with their brand, amplifying their presence in the sport and the broader community.

While this is highly profitable for the alcohol industry, alcohol marketing is also highly harmful for people and communities, especially for children and youth. Sports fans are repeatedly exposed to alcohol advertising and sponsorship when watching sports, it likely has a long-term effect on their alcohol use

The alcohol industry has long pursued sports sponsorship to increase brand awareness, associate their brands and products with the heroics and physical performance of sports, and drive sales. This strategy not only allows alcohol giants to reach thousands, even millions, of sports fans but also specifically targets a younger audience, aligning their products with the attributes of elite sports and potentially masking their harmful effects. This is crucial for the alcohol industry to cultivate future, brand-loyal consumers and ensure profit maximization.

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