Collaboration Concerns: Córdoba City Council and Spirits Spain tackle alcohol prevention

Posted on January 11, 2024 in Spirits Spain, Manipulation, Manipulation, ES, ES

City Council of Córdoba has signed a collaboration agreement with Spirits Spain to “prevent alcohol consumption in minors and at-risk groups”.

The agreement aims to promote responsible alcohol consumption while addressing prevention measures for at-risk groups such as minors, drivers, and pregnant individuals.

It is concerning that the alcohol industry is involved in the prevention of alcohol consumption, as this creates a potential conflict of interest. While outwardly appearing to contribute to solutions, the industry itself is a significant part of the problem, as it engages in manipulative tactics to promote and normalise alcohol.

This situation raises the risk of biased information, deceptive messaging, and efforts that prioritize the industry’s interests over effective prevention measures. Such involvement can undermine the credibility of prevention programs and may hinder the development of comprehensive strategies to address alcohol-related harms.

  • Front Group: Espirituosos España


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