Celebrities and alcohol promotion

Posted on February 15, 2024 in 818 Tequila, Promotion, US

Kendall Jenner has been promoting her own Tequila Brand, 818, engaging in a college tour.
She visited different universities in the United States offering free bottles of alcohol, shots, and drinks to promote her tequila brand, while joining the parties of thousands of college students where alcohol was the main focus.

The promotion of alcohol by public figures like Kendall Jenner is particularly concerning due to its potential to influence teenagers and young adults. Research indicates that exposure to alcohol marketing and endorsements by celebrities can significantly impact attitudes and behaviors related to alcohol use.

Lack of comprehensive policies and regulations on alcohol advertising and promotion, both online and offline, poses significant public health risks. Exposure to pervasive tactics by the alcohol industry, including endorsements by celebrities and glamorous portrayals of drinking lifestyles, can shape societal attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol.

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