Worldwide Alcohol Policy Newsletter Week #16

Posted April 19 2020 Affordability, Alcohol Free Environment, Alcohol Harm, Alcohol Industry Lobbyism, alcohol marketing, Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Taxation, Alcohol Use Disorder, Alcohol Violence, Availability, BigAlcoholExposed, Blog, COVID-19, Economic Costs, Evidence, Mental Health, News, PAHO, Public Health, Science, Soberistas, WHO, WHO EMRO, WHO Europe

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch.
This week, alcohol policy news come from the United States (twice), South Africa and from the World Health Organization (special highlight).
The Latest Science Digest covers the question whether wine bottle size matters for amount and speed of consumption and the topic of gender, age, and country-specific difference in alcohol use.
The Big Alcohol Watch exposes how the alcohol industry scrambles to innovate and adapt to the public health crisis and a powerful blog by Lucy Rocca exposes how the alcohol industry keeps people in denial about their own and societies’ alcohol problems.
This week’s Special Feature deals with the positive alcohol policy outside of the COVID-19 context…

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