Worldwide Alcohol Policy Newsletter Week #14

Posted April 03 2020 4WHO, Alcohol Harm, Alcohol Industry Lobbyism, alcohol marketing, Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Use Disorder, Availability, Big Alcohol, BigAlcoholExposed, Child Health, COVID-19, Evidence, Mental Health, Movendi, News, Public Health, Science, WHO

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch. Alcohol policy news come from Russia, the Baltics, Africa and deal with COVID-19. The Latest Science Digest covers how alcohol policy can help alleviate the strain on the healthcare system, new findings about alcohol policy and road safety and the link between alcohol use disorder and suicide. The Big Alcohol Watch exposes how the alcohol industry is exploiting the COVID-19 crisis with four examples from Australia, Poland, Scotland and the United States. And this week’s Special Feature deals with the topic of alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic…

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