The Role of the Alcohol Industry in Policy Interventions for Alcohol-Impaired Driving

Posted on January 18, 2018 in Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa

Three general conclusions are derived from the evidence presented in this paper.

First, some of the industry’s promotional activities, combined with product innovations, have the potential to increase not only the frequency and amount of alcohol consumption but also the likelihood of impaired driving.
Second, some of the alcohol industry’s corporate political activities are used to oppose effective alcohol policies whereas others are used to improve the public image of the producers as good corporate citizens
Third, based on current scientific research, neither of these activities is likely to reduce the incidence of alcohol-impaired driving because most of the policies and programs favored by the alcohol industry are ineffective.

The findings reinforce recent concerns expressed by NGOs, the scientific community, and international health agencies in relation to the alcohol industry’s road traffic safety initiatives.

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