Case library

Cases of alcohol industry misconduct from around the world exposing the predatory practices.

A library of all the unethical methods of Big Alcohol – aggressive lobbying, unethical marketing, sabotaging of rules and institutions and much more, all in one place.

Exposed: Amazon’s Secret Lobby Campaign to Sabotage the U.S. Alcohol Policy System and Open the Alcohol Market

Amazon planned a lobby campaign to ‘unlock’ the alcohol market in the United States, leaked internal document reveals. The online ...

Alcohol, Tobacco and Junk Food Imagery on Netflix and Amazon Prime Original Films in the UK

This study found that alcohol content appeared in almost half of the coded intervals in both Amazon Prime and Netflix original films in the ...


Big Alcohol: More Market Concentration and Major Alcohol Market Changes

Even amidst the coronavirus crisis the alcohol market is experiencing continuous changes, such as increasing market concentration driven by ...

AB InBev

Big Alcohol: Amazon To Hire Alcohol Lobbyist

The online retail giant Amazon is looking to hire an alcohol business policy and lobbying expert. This suggests Amazon is planning to ...

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