How AB InBev Circumvents New Delhi Ban

Posted on August 21, 2019 in Sabotage, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific

New Delhi  city government has very recently banned AB InBev from selling its beer for three years. But now, AB InBev has quickly launched a non-alcoholic beer which is going to be available in Delhi markets despite the ongoing ban. AB InBev has found a way to circumvent the ban on selling their products.
Tasting and looking very similar to its alcohol beer, the new non-alcoholic product is not only introduced in New Delhi but also in the state of Gujarat, where any alcohol consumption is prohibited.
This new alcohol-free beer is AB InBev’s way of staying in the New Delhi market with its brand Budweiser (even though it also says “0.0 non-alcoholic” on the labels) and to continue to build brand relations with customers that currently are abstainers and have no taste for beer…

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