Healthy People And Healthy Profits? Elaborating Conceptual Framework For Governing Commercial Determinants Of NCDs

Posted on June 16, 2017 in Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa

The problems inherent in primary prevention of NCDs have received relatively little attention from international organizations, national governments and civil society; governing determinants of risk frequently brings public health into conflict with the interests of profit-driven food, beverage, alcohol and tobacco industries.
In this paper, the researchers argue that mechanisms to control the commercial determinants of NCDs are inadequate and efforts at remedial action too limited. The paper sets out an agenda to strengthen each of the three governance models. The researchers identify reforms that will be needed to the global health architecture to govern NCD risks, including to strengthen its ability to consolidate the collective power of diverse stakeholders, its authority to develop and enforce clear measures to address risks, as well as establish monitoring and rights-based accountability systems across all actors to drive measurable, equitable and sustainable progress in reducing the global burden of NCDs…

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