Pernod Ricard is innovating to get even more people to buy their products. Recently the company officially launched in the metaverse or the virtual reality world with Absolut vodka’s Coachella activation. Absolut is one of the most important brands that Pernod Ricard owns.

Pernod Ricard’s metaverse experience was created in partnership with Decentraland and is called Absolut.Land. It is a recreation of Coachella in virtual reality.

The Absolut.Land virtual experience lets players be virtual bartenders, gift others cocktails and various other activities which normalize alcohol use. Not even virtual reality is safe from the alcoholization of all social spaces.

There will be NFT wearables that players can wear. And players in Absolut.Land are offered exclusive access to listen first to Swedish House Mafia’s new album. People who are physically at Coachella can recreate their experiences on the metaverse. They can even order the cocktails they make on the metaverse to be delivered to homes.

Through this new metaverse platform, Pernod Ricard will be able to enter people’s homes and normalize alcohol in a whole new method. By entering the metaverse Pernod Ricard is elevating its brand image as exciting and trendy to build more brand loyalty and get more consumers in the long run.