Case library

Cases of alcohol industry misconduct from around the world exposing the predatory practices.

A library of all the unethical methods of Big Alcohol – aggressive lobbying, unethical marketing, sabotaging of rules and institutions and much more, all in one place.

Asahi, Kirin

Australia Raises Alcohol Excise Taxes

Australia has raised its alcohol excise taxes by 4% bringing the price of a pint of beer to $15. Currently, Australia increases excise ...


Big Alcohol Reveals Dependence on Cheap Alcohol in New Zealand, Battles Against Alcohol Tax Rate Adjustment to Inflation Rate

The excise tax rate on alcohol is adjusted to inflation annually in New Zealand. With inflation rising this means alcohol taxes will also ...

Asahi, Kirin

Communities Prevent Worsening of Alcohol Taxation in Australia

A proposed 50% tax cut on draught beer pushed by the alcohol industry lobby received heavy media coverage before the Australian Federal ...


The Olympics and Alcohol Harms – An Overview

Olympics officials banned alcohol sales for both spectators and athletes in the athletes village. Despite pressure from Big Alcohol giant ...

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