UEFA Champions League


Massive, Unethical Billboard

Massive road-side billboard in Kampala, Uganda. But despite its gigantic size, the “health warning” is hardly visible at all, given the font size. It’s problematic that Heineken associates football enjoyment with its beer, as well as sports performance on the highest level with beer consumption. The Champion the Match concept...

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UEFA Champions League Final 2016

Heineken is one of the main sponsors of Champions League. It’s massive investment needs to pay off. How it pays off: associating its brand with glorious, iconic and legendary moments that will forever be part of the highlights, like in this case. Real Madrid scores the opening goal and Heineken has its brand displayed all around the pitc...

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They tell you be responsible, yet they are not all

Heineken’s message is “enjoy responsibly” and yet their advertising during UEFA Champions League matches is anything but responsible. This case example shows how overbearing the advertising is: the entire pitch is frequently encircled by Heineken billboards. The green makes the impression as if the beer brand was part of the ...

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Heineken is everywhere out of place

Frank Ribery, of Bayern Munich gave a press conference before the UEFA Champions League match against Juventus Turin. In the background: Heineken beer brand. It is ironic because Ribery does not use alcohol himself. Alcohol sponsorship of sports, as in the case Heineken sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League targets kids and distorts the per...

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Heineken all around the pitch

During the entire game of Juventus Turin against Bayern Munich, Heineken brand advertising frequently showed up encircling the entire football pitch. Date: February 23, 2016 Place: Stockholm, Sweden viewed onViaplay Juventus Turin vs Bayern Munich

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Heineken during Champions League

Most prominent placement of Heineken logo, directly associating alcohol with sports celebrities, in this case Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal London. TV Broadcast Swedish, Viaplay, February 23, 2016 Watched in Stockholm, Sweden

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Heineken gets lucky, but children are getting hurt

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s best footballers, scores a goal in the Champions League match, round of 16, against AS Roma, while the entire pitch is surrounded by Heineken marketing – closely associating sporting success with alcohol. This example shows the deep problems with alcohol sponsorship of sports: The Heineken bran...

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Alcohol ads even though it’s illegal

In France alcohol advertising in sports is prohibited, thank to the so called Loi Evin (Evin law). But Heineken and UEFA ignore that and use a loophole to continue to advertise the beer brand with its “Enjoy responsibly” slogan and iconic corporate visual identity surrounding the entire pitch. It was even present when PSG scored a ...