Red card

In Serbia, the whole football league is financed by alcohol company called Jelen pivo (Deer beer), the league title is “Jelen super liga” (Deer super league). Since the producers of video games want to make them real as possible, they copy everything they can, including trade marks. The left is original promotion of game on regiona...


“Star wars – The force awakens” premiere in Serbia

One of the world’s best known, and most popular movies among young people, had its premiere in Serbia on December 15, 2015. Cinema was full of young people and beer company decided to use this to connect high entertainment with alcohol consumption by sharing its products to everyone, including minors. Nikšićko pivo is part of Big Alcohol...


“Nothing special”, just kids going to school

As the law says, there must be a road sign that marks a school area. School areas are special environments where caution is crucial in order to protect the needs of kids and youth. So, why is alcohol promotion allowed? This road sign tells us that hundreds of kids and youth pass by this huge alcohol brand, and it seems that it is just “n...


Alcohol near school – Serbia

At only 10-15 meters away from high school were more then 500 young people aged 15 to 19 go to school every day, you have two stands selling alcohol products and between them, there is an ice cream stand.