Carlsberg targets kids
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Kids see best

Official fan corner, right next to a pub and with equipment for kids. The tournament tree is on the eye level of kids, with the Carlsberg visual identity draped all over it. Carlsberg clearly targets kids – using its iconic font and color – in a shopping mall in central Uppsala. Alcohol advertising is prohibited by law in Sweden.

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Carlsberg sponsors EURO 2016

Carlsberg sponsors EURO 2016 football tournament despite a French law prohibiting alcohol sports sponsorship. Alcohol ads are pervasive due to the deal between UEFA and Carlsberg – in retail, in public space, in the social media, inside the stadiums, during the press conferences and interviews…

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Intoxicating Wimbledon

As young people in Serbia get ready to follow the Tennis worlds’ No.1 player, who hails from Serbia, they are also exposed to alcohol marketing. Written statement on official web page of Wimbledon “Stella Artois, the UK’s favorite premium beer brand, is proud to be the official beer of Wimbledon” means that sport heroes...


Alcohol near school

At only 15 to 20 meters away from Primary School were more then 400 young people aged 7 to 12 go to school every day, all kids are exposed to and targeted by stands selling alcohol products.


Zoom in Media-Sweden

Huge advertisement in a Swedish supermarket, presenting a spacial price for big packages of beer. “Öl” means beer in Swedish. Picture taken during the “Zoom in Media” Project in Sweden


Imposing alcohol on kids

In Kaufland supermarket in Nove Zamky, Slovakia – A soft drink for kids placed on the shelves for the alcohol products for adults. Toto som dnes odfotil v Nových Zámkoch v Kauflande. Je to v poriadku, že detské šampanské je medzi ozajstným alkoholom?!