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LeBron and AB InBev

Bleacher Report story about Lebron James, the biggest star in NBA Basketball and a global icon. In the background of the featured image: Budweiser. Clearly, in-arena alcohol promotion pays of for AB InBev as their brands will be present on pics and circle the world, associating alcohol with the biggest basketball stars.


Wine and glamor

The ad presents a large-scale alcohol promotion in the newspaper. Translation of content: ”Vad är hemligheten med De Bortolis” means “What is the secret about De Bortolis”.



The advertisements presents a very strong Swedish beer called Arboga. Translation: ”Hitta ditt närmaste Systembolag här” means “Find your closest Swedish alcohol retail monopoly here…”


Wine glamorization

A Swedish wine advertisement. ”Snickrad med precision” means “Made with the highest precision.” ”Det perfekta röda ljusvinet” means “This perfect red and glossy wine.”