Carlsberg targets kids
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All game long…

EURO 2016 Match between Poland and Portugal in the Quarter Finals, in France – and Carlsberg’s brand is extremely frequently visible – exposing children watching the game to loads of alcohol marketing. Alcohol ads in sports are supposed to be banned in France, but Carlsberg found a way around it.


When big beer defines your region

The advertisement found in Bytom (Slask-Silesia region of Poland) showing one of the biggest beer companies called ”Tyskie”, being produced in Tychy (the city in this region). The slogan here ”TYSKIE JAK SLAZAK-MUREM ZA SWOIMI” translates in the following way: ”Tyskie like a real (”proper”) Slazak (cit...


Beer linked with social success

The picture comes from the Silesia region in Poland and presents the billboard of a local beer company. The advertisement can be easily seen by the drivers and sends the message ”3 powody do spotkania”= ”3 reasons for meeting up” and presents 3 bottles of ”Piast” beer. The picture is taken during the ”...


New words, old habits

”Lomza” beer produced in Lomza city of Poland. The slogan says ”Lomzing zaczyna sie od lezakowania w BEZRUCHU” which is a bit of playing with the words. This beer company through the advertisments introduced a new word: ”lomz -ING” which basicly means doing nothing (”relaxing”) and consuming Lomz...


Consuming Lomza

”Co tydzien 500 lezakow do wygrania” means ”Every week 500 deckchairs to win”. Lomza beer from Poland refers to ”Lomz-ING” which means doing nothing and consuming Lomza beer. In this case it is summer time and the company wants people to buy the beer, maybe consume it on the beach – that’s why 50...


Connecting alcohol & self-confidence

The picture presents a beer advertisement from Poland. The beer is called Warka and it is also a name of polish city where it is being produced. On the beer can we can see a big title ”Zdecydowany” which is expressed in a male form and in polish language means ”decided” more in the way ”sure and ready” ̶...