Driving under the influence


Massive, Unethical Billboard

Massive road-side billboard in Kampala, Uganda. But despite its gigantic size, the “health warning” is hardly visible at all, given the font size. It’s problematic that Heineken associates football enjoyment with its beer, as well as sports performance on the highest level with beer consumption. The Champion the Match concept...


When big beer defines your region

The advertisement found in Bytom (Slask-Silesia region of Poland) showing one of the biggest beer companies called ”Tyskie”, being produced in Tychy (the city in this region). The slogan here ”TYSKIE JAK SLAZAK-MUREM ZA SWOIMI” translates in the following way: ”Tyskie like a real (”proper”) Slazak (cit...


Beer linked with social success

The picture comes from the Silesia region in Poland and presents the billboard of a local beer company. The advertisement can be easily seen by the drivers and sends the message ”3 powody do spotkania”= ”3 reasons for meeting up” and presents 3 bottles of ”Piast” beer. The picture is taken during the ”...