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Budweiser in your face

ESPN Broadcast, nationally and globally, features Budweiser advertising, in highly prominent place: right next to the Most Valuable Player of the NBA (and the player whose jersey sold in record numbers), during the games crucial moments, like these free throws. Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers...

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LeBron and AB InBev

Bleacher Report story about Lebron James, the biggest star in NBA Basketball and a global icon. In the background of the featured image: Budweiser. Clearly, in-arena alcohol promotion pays of for AB InBev as their brands will be present on pics and circle the world, associating alcohol with the biggest basketball stars.

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JIM BEAM targeting youth through NBA

JIM BEAM associates its brand with outstanding sporting success and historic achievements. It seeks to target youth by way of associating itself with the success of Russel Westbrook, currently among the world’s best basketball players, who just achieved historic success. Jim Beam uses it to glamorize its brand and target youth that follo...