“Alcohol’s (and the Alcohol Industry’s) Role in the NCDs Tsunami”

Posted on October 18, 2020 in Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa

Movendi International has released a brand new episode of the Alcohol Issues podcast. For this sixth episode, host Maik Dünnbier is talking with Nina Renshaw, the Policy and Advocacy Director at the NCD Alliance. They discuss alcohol’s as well as the alcohol industry’s role in the global tsunami that are non-communicable diseases and their major risk factors.
The latest podcast episode sheds light on three alcohol issues of special attention. In policy news, we talk about Canada during COVID-19 and how rising alcohol use is fueling mental health problems and what all that says about the country’s alcohol policy situation. In this week’s Science Digest we look at new research showing just how much healthcare spending could be prevented through policy action on health risk factors such as alcohol. And in the Big Alcohol Watch we expose how Big Alcohol uses the illusion of small-scale alcohol production in the Swedish countryside to lobby for the undoing of the successful Swedish alcohol policy model.

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