Alcohol Sales Ban in South Africa: Benefits and Big Alcohol Opposition

Posted May 13 2020 AB InBev, Affordability, Alcohol Free Environment, Alcohol Harm, Alcohol Industry Lobbyism, alcohol marketing, Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Violence, Availability, Big Alcohol, BigAlcoholExposed, Corporate Social Responsibility, COVID-19, Economic Costs, Evidence, Gender Based Violence, Heineken, Informal Alcohol, News, Public Health, SAAPA, WHO

The South African government implemented an alcohol sales ban early on when COVID-19 hit the country, as part of its public health response to contain the spread of the virus. The ban is intended to reduce the heavy alcohol burden on the country and specifically on the healthcare system. From the beginning of the ban Big Alcohol has been unrelenting in their opposition. The government’s strong stance in not giving into the opposition is proving fruitful as reports show the ban is benefiting South African society…

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