Peroni 0.0% Partners with Formula 1

Posted on May 10, 2024 in Molson Coors, Promotion

Molson Coors’ Peroni 0.0% is intensifying its marketing with a Formula 1-themed campaign, partnering with Scuderia Ferrari and DraftKings. The strategy aims to capitalize on the growing demand for non-alcoholic beer, particularly in the U.S. market, where Peroni 0.0% has shown significant growth. The brand’s ties to Italian culture are emphasized through partnerships with Ferrari and M.Gemi, and in-person activations target American consumers.

Promotion, or any marketing strategies, is Big Alcohol’s activity to drive alcohol availability and acceptability, to perpetuate the alcohol norm, and to place alcohol at the center of people’s thoughts and preferences, communities’ practices, and societies’ customs.

Formula 1-themed campaign may inadvertently reinforce the broader culture of alcohol, even when promoting non-alcoholic variants. By associating with prestigious events and cultural symbols, alcohol companies seek to increase brand image and popularity for their usual alcohol brands and may perpetuate societal norms surrounding alcohol, influencing consumer behaviour, including that of younger audiences.

Moreover, the campaign underscores a broader trend within the alcohol industry. With consumer preferences shifting towards non-alcoholic beverages, alcohol companies are increasingly turning their attention to non-alcoholic offerings as a means to tap into new markets and counteract declining sales.

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