Revealing the unethical business methods of the alcohol industry



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AB INBEV Facts (2021): Total revenue: 54.3 billion USD (2021) Net profit: 19.2 billion USD (2021, EBITDA) Marketing expenditure: (7.3 billion USD) Lobbying costs: (5,040,000...
Carlsberg Facts (2021): Total revenue: EUR 8,950 million (DKK 66,634 million ) Net profit: EUR 2,836 million (DKK 31,327 million ) Marketing expenditure: (DKK 5,793...
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Pernod Ricard Facts (2022): Total revenue: EUR 10,701 million Net profit: EUR 1,996 million Marketing expenditure: (EUR 1,698 million) Lobbying costs: (2,800,000 USD) Pernod Ricard...
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Diageo Facts (2022): Total revenue: 15,452 million GBP Net profit: 4,409 million GBP Marketing expenditure: (2,721 million GBP) Lobbying costs: (2,710,000 USD (2021, US only))...
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Heineken Facts (2022): Total revenue: EUR 28,694 million Net profit: EUR 2,836 million Marketing expenditure: (EUR 2,726 million) Lobbying costs: (—) Total volume of beer...


Pernod Ricard, the owner of the brand Absolut Vodka, will start exporting alcohol to Russia again, ending their initial boycott of Russia when the country...
Pernod Ricard is innovating to get even more people to buy their products. Recently the company officially launched in the metaverse or the virtual reality...
Big Alcohol giant Pernod Ricard has been in a 30-year tax dispute with Indian the tax authority regarding how the company values its imported liquor...
The alcohol industry, especially Big Alcohol giant Heineken, is lobbying against potential tax increases in Vietnam. This opposition against a proven solution to promote health...
The water footprint for alcohol products is substantial. Despite this Diageo operate several production facilities in water-stressed areas. By using CSR activities the company hopes...
The global alcohol giant Diageo was in 2022 fined 1.2 million GBP for breaching UK rules on declaring carbon emissions for over six years. The...
Diageo has come under fire in Ireland by alcohol industry watchdog for targeting children with their products – using a Guinness Easter Egg placed in...
Diageo and other alcohol companies and front groups fund alcohol school programs around the world. Research shows that these programs serve alcohol industry interests and...
As more states in the US have chosen to legalize commercial sales of cannabis, several alcohol companies have invested in the sector. The global alcohol...
Alcohol companies and related organisations are heavily involved in funding scientific research. In a 2020 bibliometric study, researchers found almost 13,500 examples of alcohol industry...
Carlsberg is one of the Danish companies with the largest CO2 emissions. One of the response strategies from the beer giant is greenwashing through funding...
In the Chinese province of Xinjiang, Danish brewer Carlsberg controls 85% of the beer market. In the same province, authorities imprison Muslims on the basis...
In December 2020, Reuters reported that top executives of Carlsberg, SAB Miller (owned by AB InBev) and India’s United Breweries (partly owned by Heineken) exchanged...
The Belgian beer giant has abused the science for its commercial motives via industry-funded research in many instances. Among the most recent cases, as reported...
The company’s Environment, Social and Governance Agenda (ESG) report for the year 2021 reflects that the AB InBev has taken the advantage of the current...
During the Covid-19 pandemic, The South African government implemented lifesaving, temporary alcohol sales bans. Global alcohol giant AB Inbev challenged the policy in courts. The...

Examples of industry practices

Here are some examples of where the alcohol industry has clearly crossed the line with their marketing towards children and youth

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